Our company


Grand Concept Limited was originally incorporated on 30th, April, 2001.We are involved in the importation, sales and supplies, sanitary wares, tiles.


Our Mission

To be highly professional and innovative company structured and designed to provide result-oriented services through effective utilization of human and material resources at our disposal for the maximum benefits of our customers.

Importantly, we are poised to provide the best products in the industry with materials that comply with global safety standards (including Nigerian quality control standards).

It is our intention to achieve the following key objectives:

  • To give customers value for their money and to convince all customers Nigerian Companies can provide that qualitative and innovative service without regrets.
  • To be a highly professional organization, providing unique services in the sales and supplies we are known for.
  • To consistently provide innovative and durable products to meet customer's needs.
  • To continuously motivate and enhance the quality of our company's resources through development of a well articulate welfare program
  • To contribute the country's growth and development by providing employment and generating investment and technological growth.
  • To be a highly profitable organization that would consistently provide satisfactorily returns on investment.



    As a young and dynamic company engaged in the importation, sales and supplies of tiles and sanitary wares.
    We import, sale and supply specifically these.


    Italian tiles (walls and floors)


    Spanish tiles (walls and floors).


    China tiles (wall and floor)


    Nigeria made tiles